Sample Text Antenuptial Contract Without Accrual

Antenuptial contract without accrual

Antenuptial contract without accrual

Protocol No.



THAT on this (day) day of (month) in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and (year) (19 ) before me, (name of Notary), Notary Public, sworn and admitted according to law and residing and practising in (city and province), Republic of South Africa, and in the presence of the subscribing witnesses, personally appeared

(name of intended husband)

Identity Number (insert number)



(name of intended wife)

Identity Number (insert number)


AND the Appearers declared that whereas the said (name of intended husband) and (name of intended wife) (hereinafter called “the parties”) intend to marry each other they have agreed that:

1  There shall be no community of property and no community of profit and loss between them in respect of their marriage;

2  The accrual system referred to in Chapter 1 of the Matrimonial Property Act No. 88 of 1984 (“the Act”) shall not apply to their intended marriage;

3  In consideration of the said intended marriage, the said (name of intended husband) undertakes to donate to the said (name of intended wife) as her sole and absolute property;

(Specify – for example)

3.1  all the wedding presents including gifts of money which may be received by either of the parties in consideration of the said intended marriage;

3.2  Specify

4  The said donations shall, however, be subject to the special condition that in the event of the said (name of intended wife) predeceasing the said (name of intended husband) the abovementioned property or whatever shall remain thereof shall revert to and again become the absolute property of the said (name of intended husband) and the said (name of intended wife) declared to accept the said donation subject to the said condition.

UPON which conditions the said Appearers declared it to be their intention to solemnise the said intended marriage and mutually promised and agreed to allow such other the full force and effect thereof under obligation of their persons and property according to law.

SIGNED at (place) on the day, month and year first aforewritten in the presence of the subscribing witnesses and of me, the Notary.


As witnesses:






(Signature of intended husband)




(Signatures of witnesses)


(Signature of intended wife)

Before me,



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