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Death notice

A document which must be completed by a person required to do so by law. Among other things, it contains the names of the deceased and his/her surviving spouse, the date of death, whether or not a will was left, the names of the deceased's parents, and the names of the deceased's children.

Debit Order

Debit Order An instruction to the bank to debit your account monthly with your monthly expenses i.e. your homeloan installment. Afrikaans - Debietorder


Someone who owes you money. Afrikaans - Skuldenaar

Deed of Sale

Also referred to as the Agreement of Sale or Offer to Purchase. Afrikaans - Koopkontrak

Deed of servitude

A document containing a servitude agreement, drafted and attested by a notary public and registered in the deeds registry

Deed of transfer

A document prepared by a conveyancer and registered in the deeds registry, evidencing the transfer of land from the owner (the transferor) to the acquirer (the transferee) and which serves thereafter serves as proof of ownership.



Deed office Registration Fees

Charged by the Deeds Office for registering the mortgage bond and title deed. Afrikaans - Aktekantoor Registrasiefooie

Deeds office

A government department responsible for the registration of transfer of immovable property. Afrikaans - Aktekantoor


Failure to meet legal obligations in a contract. Afrikaans - Standaard


A patent defect is a clearly visible defect. A latent defect is a fault or flaw that is not immediately detectable or is hidden from view on inspection of the property. Afrikaans - Defek


Money you have readily available that you use as part of the payment on your new property. When renting property a deposit is an amount that you pay upfront and is used as security in the event that you cause any damage to the property while renting it. Afrikaans - Deposito


Take out of the possession of


Place of permanent residence

Domicilia Citandi et Executandi

Also referred to as Domicilium. It is the physical address a person gives for any legal documents and notices that might have to be served it is the place where a person is deemed to be a permanent resident and may not be be a PO Box or Private Bag Address. . If you have been sent a document or notice to this address you will be deemed to have received it even if you did not in fact receive it. Afrikaans - Betekeninings Adres


See Domicilia Citandi et Executandi. Afrikaans - Domisilie