Property Law and Conveyancing Glossary

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Second Bond or Mortgage

An additional loan on a home.

Sectional Title

A development made up of sections whereby all section owners are members of a Body Corporate. Each section owner is responsible for their own section. Afrikaans - Deursnee Titel

Sectional Title Register

A register of sections in a sectional title scheme registered in the deeds office.


Collateral for the bank that a client pledges in case they default on their mortgage payment. Afrikaans - Sekuriteit

Semi-detached House

Two separate homes joined with one common dividing wall.


When a creditor seizes assets to recover unpaid debt. Afrikaans - Gesekwestreer


Temporary possession is taken of an insolvent person's estate


Court declaration of a natural person's estate as being insolvent

Servient tenement

A registered right (as per the title deed) that a person has over the immovable property of another.


A limited real right over the immovable (or movable) thing of another, granting the holder certain entitlements, usually the use and enjoyment of the thing concerned. (Distinguish between praedial and personal servitudes.)


A buyer acquires a share in a company that owns the shareblock scheme which entitles the buyer to use and occupy a specific unit. A shareblock buyer never receives the title to the unit. Afrikaans - Aandeleblok


A sectional title unit on one level with no stairs. Afrikaans - Simpleks


A property of maximum 20 hectares situated within close to a built-up area. Afrikaans - Kleinhoewe

Stamp Duty

A tax imposed by the government.