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Place of permanent residence

Domicilia Citandi et Executandi

Also referred to as Domicilium. It is the physical address a person gives for any legal documents and notices that might have to be served it is the place where a person is deemed to be a permanent resident and may not be be a PO Box or Private Bag Address. . If you have been sent a document or notice to this address you will be deemed to have received it even if you did not in fact receive it. Afrikaans - Betekeninings Adres


See Domicilia Citandi et Executandi. Afrikaans - Domisilie

Dominant tenement

Property entitled to a praedial servitude  

Down Payment

Money paid to make up the difference between the purchase price and the mortgage amount. Afrikaans - Af Betaling

Duet House

One of two separate free-standing or attached units that have been built on one stand. Afrikaans - Duet Behuising


A sectional title unit on two levels with stairs. Afrikaans - Duplex




Any house flat apartment room hostel room hut shack outbuilding garage or demarcated parking space. Afrikaans - Woning

Electrical Compliance Certificate

A certificate which is issued by a qualified electrician stating that the electricity installation for a property from its supply point is safe according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The cost of this and any electrical repairs that need to be made are for the seller’s account. It is legally required in order for the property to be transferred into the purchaser’s name. Afrikaans - Elektriese Compliance Sertifikaat


Mortgage or other burden on property



A note made on the title deed of a property by the Registrar of Deeds. Afrikaans - Endossement


An official entry by hand or a stamp, on a deed or document regarding a transaction or to give effect to the registration

Entomologist's Certificate

Legally required in some coastal provinces before transfer of a property can take place confirming that its structure is free of wood borer or termite infestation. Afrikaans - Entomoloog Sertifikaat


The value of a property an owner has over and above the mortgage against the property.

Escape Clause

A condition in a contract when a buyer is given time to sell his property first giving the seller the right to cancel the agreement if he gets a higher offer from another buyer.