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Latin abbreviations explained

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atin abbreviations




First the abbreviation, then the word or phrase followed by the translation/meaning




A.D. anno Domini in the year of the Lord




a.m. Ante Meridiem before midday




AMDG Ad maiorem Dei gloriam or ad majorem Dei gloriam for the greater glory of God




c., ca., ca or cca. Circa around, about, approximately




Cap. Capitulus chapter




cf. confer bring together and hence compare




cp. Compare




Cp ceteribus paribus all other things equal




C.V. or CV curriculum vitae course of life




cwt. centum weight




D.V. Deo volente God willing




DG, D.G. or DEI GRA Dei gratia by the grace of God




ead. eadem the same (man)




et al. et alii and others, and co-workers




etc. et cetera and the others, and other things, and the rest




e.g. exempli gratia for example, for instance




et seq. et sequens, et seqq or et sequa. et sequentes, et sequential and the following




ff. foliis from pages




fl. or flor. Floruit it flourished, time of activity




F D, FID DEF fidei defensor defender of the faith




ibid. ibidem in the same place, book, etc.




id. Idem the same (man)




i.a. inter alia among other things




i.e. id est that is, in other words




inter alios among others, including people and legal entities (not an abbreviation)




inst. instante mense this month




J.D. Juris Doctor teacher of law/rights




lb. libra scales




LL.B. Legum Baccalaureus bachelor of laws




M.A. Magister Artium Master of Arts




M.O. modus operandi method of operating




N.B. nota bene note well




nem. con. nemine contradicente with no one speaking against




N.N. nomen nescio I do not know the name




O.D. oculus dexter the right eye




O.S. oculus sinister the left eye




op. cit. opere citato




p.a. per annum through a year, yearly




per cent. per centum for each one hundred




Ph.D. Philosophiæ Doctor Teacher of Philosophy




p.m. Post Meridiem after midday




p.m.a.post mortem auctoris after the author's death




p.p. and per pro. per procurationem through the agency of




prox. proximo mense next month




PRN pro re nata as needed




pro tem. pro tempore for the time being, temporarily, in place of




P.S. post scriptum after what has been written




Q.D. quaque die every day




Q.E.C. quod erat construendum which was to be constructed




Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum which was to be demonstrated




Q.E.F. quod erat faciendum which was to be done




q.v. quod videre , plural; quae videre which to see , a term that should be looked up elsewhere




Re in re in the matter of, concerning




REG regina queen




R.I.P. requiescat in pace may he or she rest in peace




r. rexit ruled the time period ruler's reign, e.g. Charles [r. 1796–1846]




sc. scilicet one may know




s.o.s. si opus sit if there is need, if occasion require, if necessary




sphalm. sphalma typographicum a misprint.




stat. statim immediately




S.T.T.L. sit tibi terra levis May the earth rest lightly on you, similar to R.I.P.




s.v. sub verbo under the word or heading




S.V.B.E.E.V. si vales bene est ego valeo if you are well, it is good. I am well




sic, thus (not an abbreviation)




stet let it stand (not an abbreviation)




ult. ultimo mense last month




V.C. vi coactus constrained by force when forced to sign or else face the consequences




v.i. vide infra see below




viz. videlicet namely, to wit, precisely, that is to say




v.s. vide supra see above




vs or v. versus against


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