The costs incurred in running a scheme have to be paid by the body corporate. These costs include:

Rates, taxes and other charges
Insurance premiums
Repairs and maintenance of the common property
Wages and salaries of cleaners and other staff
Water and electricity used on the common property
Provision of security or other services

These costs are paid by individual owners in the form of a monthly levy, calculated  in accordance with the Participation Quota or nominated value for their unit. The
 Act requires an owner who has the benefit of an exclusive use area to make an extra contribution to cover rates and taxes, insurance and maintenance of the
exclusive use area. This applies to all registered exclusive use areas and to exclusive use areas created under the rules of the 1971 Act, but may not apply to
those created under the rules of the current Act.

In addition to the above, the body corporate is obliged to establish a fund for future maintenance and unexpected expenses. The size of this fund is not specified
 in the Act, but a wise body corporate will make sure that the fund is adequate for  the size of the scheme and the present condition of the property. If the fund
becomes excessively large, the Act does not allow any part of the excess to be refunded. However, the excess could be used to subsidise future levies or to improve
 the common property.

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